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Websites that Work for Your Business


If you want a FLASHY WEBSITE you will likely need to pay us twice as much to get it - however we will not guarantee you success with it.

Moreover the results we have had with the websites we have built, even though they may not give you IMMEDIATE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE, shows that we are doing the right thing.


People go to an entertainment site to be entertained,but if you have a product or service oriented site then they come to you for INFORMATION. If you give them the information they want without them having to look for it, then they will stay around your site long enough to purchase your product or at least ask for more information and give you their contact details.

For Home or Abroad - It's About Knowing Your Marketplace!

Whether you are selling locally or looking at a market further removed from home, with opposition from around the world, your website has to be informative and bright, attractive without gimmicks.

The three owner-managers making up the combined team of Stacpoole Internet, JustuKlix and Aboutime Web Communications have been in the Marketing business for over 12 decades between them.

Their comprehensive knowledge of Marketing combined with a team of top level graphic artists and website designers will produce the website YOU NEED to bring the results YOU NEED!

It's About Getting The Right Help!

The Ink Shop Bribie IslandWe were approached by a potential client and asked to reproduce a website where his developer had 'dissappeared' and he now wanted to add some more pages to the site. We told him we were unwilling to do so as the home page had ink drops cleverly coming down all over the place and we did not think it would work. So we drew up a draft for him and he pondered over our 'plain looking' site compared to what he already had.

He eventually told us that his current site was not working as he hoped so maybe we were right, and he got us to build him a site. He was not only pleasantly surprised by the final bill but also in that after just 2 or 3 weeks 'the ink shop' showed up on the first page of Google of over 10,000,000 entries. He now is regularly at numbers 2 to 4 for this search (of nearly 20 million) and even just 'ink shop' regularly brings him up in the first 5 or 6 worldwide. Not bad for a 'simple looking' site.


NOTE: 14 years on and of now nearly 2 BILLION web pages listed for "ink shop" Eddie's site still lists at number 6 and 7 on page one.


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Building Websites that Work for Your Business!