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Proven Business Websites and SEO Practices

Building Websites that Work

Most websites are unfortuately built by graphic designers and IT 'nerds' - but you need someone who also knows about MARKETING!

People go to an entertainment website to be entertained, but if you have a product or service oriented site then they come to you for INFORMATION.

People want Information about YOU and your Products or Services.

If you give them the information they want without them having to look too hard for it, then they will stay around your site long enough to purchase your product or at least ask for more information and give you their contact details.

Making New Technology Pay

Do you find the internet and all the choices that todays world holds out to you confusing?

Business Websites should primarily be about promotion and selling; they are placed online to capture a market.

Clever graphics and fancy websites may look nice but ultimately do not enhance your business presence online.

A website needs to attract Search Engines as well as visitors; it HAS to WORK!

AML Websites uses the strategies and technologies of the twenty-first century including SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] programming and make them work for YOUR Business.

Marketing At Home and Away

Whether you are selling locally or looking at a market further removed from home, with opposition from around the world, your website has to be informative and bright, attractive without gimmicks.

Modern business, especially business on the World Wide Web, calls for new strategies; you need to know how people shop on the WWW and what they are looking for.

The AML Website Development Team have a proven 'track record' in Marketing and Website Design; they know what they are doing and they can help YOUR business grow.


Selling is about More than just Advertising - You have to get to Know your Market


Design and Development of all Website and Online Requirements

The Australia My Land Website Development and Marketing Team has a combined over 120 years experience in various business ventures, marketing and sales in various industries. Web development is not just about building great looking websites, it is about advertising and marketing a businesses products and services online with real initiatives, performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and client friendly websites.

Responsive Web Design - Database and CMS - HTML5 - ASP.NET - CLASSIC ASP

Australia My Land Pty Ltd uses Aboutime Web Domains to register all Domain Names and collaborates with JustuKlix for specialised graphical and website facilities including Shopping Cart Services, Client Management Systems (CMS) and other specialised design, set-up amd management.

We use Stacpoole Internet as the primary development identity manages its own Hosting Server with leading Melbourne based Australian Company VPS Blocks and is now using another Melbourne based Australian Company mailEnable for Web Mail services.

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Building Websites that Work for Your Business!